Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vis Dev Junka Lunka

My interpretation of Exupery's The Little Prince takes place on a deserted French Polynesian Island.
Fig A: Area where our Pilot is stranded.
Fig B: Character Illustrations
A washed up Elvis wannabe pilot. A Japanese Tourist Prince of the Frequent Flyer Mile Skies. A wily Sea Snake of the Islet.  And a Turtle both true and wise.
Fig C: Moment Painting
Pilot's moment of disinterest for the Little Prince's angst of never returning home.

Fig A

Fig B

Fig C

 Fig D
 Fig D: This is a Pidgin (island talk) Dictionary from the happenin' 70s. Lot of comical value. I tried to channel the "hang loose" low brow comedy of island culture.  This was definitely a ton of FUN.

Kind Regards and Mahalo Plenty for stopping by!
-Jan Mikey

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